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Piper Restaurant
and Banquet Facilities
2225 South Shore Drive
Macatawa, MI  49434
PH: 616-335-5866   FAX: 616-335-6797

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Gone fishing sign



colorful fish







Fishing Legend



boy fishing on dock




kid catching fish




 Piper Kid's Menu


Ranch Salad 3.00
Leaf lettuce, tomato and cucumber
with ranch dressing

Cheese Bread  3.00
Soft pizza dough covered in five-cheese blend
with tomato sauce dip

Tater Skins  3.00
Tiny potato cups filled with cheddar and bacon

Sweet Fries  3.00
Basket of our famous sweet fries with ketchup


Kid's Noodles  5.00
Egg noodles with whole butter served with
Parmesan cheese on the side

Chicken Breast  7.00
Grilled half breast with sweet fries and fresh fruit

Walleye Fingers  9.00
Deep-fried walleye fingers with French fries
and finger veggies

Steak Quesadillas  8.00
Seasoned steak and smoked cheddar
in fried corn crepes served with fresh fruit

Italian Ham Wrap  6.00
Sliced ham, pepperoni and five-cheese blend
wrapped in soft flatbread served with French fries

Pizza Pick  6.00
Kid's pizza with choice of one topping:
chicken, pepperoni, pineapple, ham,
mushroom or extra cheese
*Add $1.00 for each extra topping.


Chocolate Custard  3.00
Warm Brownie a la Mode  3.00

Chocolate or Vanilla Gelato  3.00
Fresh Fruit Cup  2.50


Sun Splash  2.50
Orange, cranberry and pineapple juice with Sprite

Juices  2.50
Orange, pineapple and cranberry

Kid's Pop 1.25

Kid's Punch 3.00

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Lil Piper with Fish 



Red Finned Fish




 Catching fish



Man in net




fish biting man