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Tastings at The Piper

The banquet menus at the Piper are created, priced and planned for large groups. Tastings are not encouraged, but can be done.  

You may dine at the Piper Restaurant anytime to experience the quality of Piper's fresh food products, flavor, presentation, and our dedication to wonderful food. Although the dishes are different on the restaurant menu, the same quality and care is taken with each plate from our banquet menu.


Our concern is the consistency between the time you taste and your actual event. We reserve the right to substitute seasonal products based on availability and quality. We do not offer tastings without a charge. The products used for banquets are separate from our regular restaurant menu, and these items are not stored or housed. We special order each item for our banquets. They are priced based on larger numbers rather than individual servings, which is how we can offer value. We do charge the price on the plated menu for each item you taste. 

If you feel the need to set up a tasting, this is the procedure: 


 ♦   Contact Becky to set up a reservation in the restaurant. We offer tastings on weeknights only. 

 ♦   You will have a server from the dining room assist you in your tasting. I will set up the reservation time; and 10 minutes after your arrival, you will be served your salad course.  Once finished, your entree(s) will be served. 

 ♦   Please limit your selections to two entrees with no more than four guests. Keep in mind that many of these items are not on hand and may need to be ordered. Some items may not be available based on product availability or minimum order quantity. Only items from our plated banquet menu are available to taste. Obviously, we cannot offer buffet items, since these are prepared for groups of 30 or more. The same goes for the appetizers.

 ♦   The menu price of each entree includes a salad and a dessert. You may select two different salads to try as well. Our banquet desserts are all made in house, which poses a problem again to do these on an individual basis. So we are not offering dessert for a tasting.  Most weddings or special events bring in a cake in place of dessert. Therefore, this shouldn't be a problem. If you would like to order a dessert after your tasting, feel free to do so from our restaurant menu. 

  ♦  There will be a 20% gratuity added to your final bill for the server.

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